Put your skills to the test

We are a team of mathematicians and smart technology engineers that developed the only social redemption skill game with award winning customer retention. Too many software platforms have limitations, where our's has none. This program is priceless and enables a vendor to have unlimited earning potential. 9 out 10 Vendors have increased their profit 37% using this software. We are only selling a limited number of Vendor Programs to approved Sponsors.


As a Treasure Shot Sponsor you will have the ability to sign up hundreds of engaged players to purchase in app products. Having access to your TST license gives you full access to player data base, sign up logs, and accounting system all in real time.


Players download the TS Android game app on their phone or tablet. Vendors will add "ammo" to their account. You as a player will then enter our first world of "Ocean Battle" where you will fight an array of mutant sea creatures trying to take over the earth. The world is at risk of a takeover. Save the world and the players will receive prizes for each mutant creatures they kill.


Treasure Shot Tournaments is the frontier of amusement skill based gaming. With your vendor portal and the ability to sign up players both remotely and in your business gives you the freedom to grow and profit. Use your existing customers, players, in your store now and see the profit immediately. Make the choice to succeed.

Order Your Vendor Portal now and join the battle

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